Lynnhaven Elementary Mission 

Lynnhaven Elementary School, forming purposeful partnerships with our families and local community, will empower students to become globally competitive by providing personalized learning opportunities through high expectations and rigorous challenges, in a welcoming and safe environment.

School Hours

7:30 Office opens

7:40 Teachers arrive

7:45 Student begin to arrive

Students should NOT be dropped off before 7:45am, unless special arrangements have been made, as they will not have supervision. 

8:10 Instructional day begins

2:40 p.m.  Student dismissal

Students should be picked up at 2:40 every day as there is not supervision for children beyond school hours unless students are sponsored in a club.

3:00 p.m. Teacher day ends 

4:00 p.m. Office closes

School Visitors and Volunteers

We love our parents and volunteers!  When visiting Lynnhaven Elementary, please only enter through the front door and have your picture ID ready to scan.  Visitors, including parents, without an ID will not be issued a visitor’s pass. If parents would like to volunteer in classrooms, please contact the child’s teacher.  Teachers will have the discretion as to how they use volunteers within their classrooms. 

During the first week of school, parents may walk pre-k and kindergarten students to their class after acquiring a visitor’s pass.  After the first week of school, students will be expected to walk down to class on their own or with staff support, if needed.  

School grounds, including outside fields and playground are reserved for Lynnhaven staff and students during the school day.  Please do not loiter on school grounds.  

Please call ahead to schedule appointments with teachers or the administration.  Throughout the year, if parents wish to observe their children in class, they are asked to make an appointment with the principal or assistant principal who will schedule a time to discuss the concern and observe with the parent.  

Arrival/Parent Drop off/Walkers

Students may arrive to school and be dropped off in the loop by the main entrance between 7:45-8:10.  For your child’s safety, students getting dropped off in the loop are asked to exit their vehicles on the curbside.  Also for student safety, students should only be dropped off in the loop to the main entrance, not in the bus loop or the additional parking lot near the gym.  After 8:10, parents should park in a parking space, walk their child inside, and sign their child in as tardy. All walkers should arrive to school no later than 8:10 a.m. 

During the first week of school, kindergarten and 1st grade parents will be allowed to walk their children down to the classroom.  After the first week of school, students can walk down to the classroom independently.  There will be adults throughout the building to assist children to class should extra help be needed.   

Dismissal/Parent Pick Up/Walkers 

Walkers will be dismissed from their classrooms at the end of the school day and will be escorted out by staff.  ONLY students who reside in the walking zone or have childcare arranged in the walking zone will be permitted to walk.  Students getting picked up by parents will meet in the cafeteria. For safety, students will not be allowed to be picked up in the parking lots.  Please plan to arrive at school to sign out your child by 2:35pm. Please park in an available parking space closest to the cafeteria if possible. Cars parked in other areas may be subjected to towing. Parents picking up students at dismissal will enter through the cafeteria side doors and exit through the same doors.  Please have your picture ID ready when picking up your child.  Because identification will not be scanned for a badge at dismissal, parents will not be allowed to enter the school beyond the cafeteria.  

Dismissal Changes 

To ensure communication gets to your child, any dismissal change should be received by the office, in writing, no later than 1:45 p.m.  We will accept a handwritten note, fax (757-431-4634), or e-mail to Mrs. Bly and Mrs. Harney-Parker.  If faxing or emailing a note, please follow up with a phone call to ensure your note was received.  For the safety of students, all dismissal changes must come from the parent/guardian. If someone other than a parent/legal guardian will be picking up your child, please send in a note with the person’s name on it, and make sure they bring identification with them.   

Student Work and Parent Communication

Students will bring home a communication folder every Thursday for parents to check and return.  Students should return the folders each week to their teachers. Phone and email will be used frequently by the school to communicate with parents. Please ensure that all contact information is current.


Please try to keep absences and tardies to a minimum.  When your child is absent, please call the school or send in a note of explanation for the absence.  Chronic absenteeism affects our school accreditation.  This is defined as more than 18 absences per school year.  Students approaching or having chronic absenteeism will be contacted by the school staff, to include the social worker.    

Birthday Invitations/Parties

Teachers may allow birthday invitations to be distributed if there is an invitation for every student in the class. Birthdays are a special time for students; however, parties are not allowed during the school day beyond bringing a small treat, such as cupcakes, during lunch for the child or the whole class (see food policy below).  Balloons, gifts, and other items such as treat bags, are not allowed during the school day.  

LES Food/Snacks/Treats Policy

Any food brought in from outside of the school, intended to share with other students, must be checked in prior to distribution to students.  Parents are encouraged to communicate with the teacher prior to bringing in food.  Upon arrival to the school, please check in at the security desk.  The teacher, security assistant, and school nurse will work together to ensure all students with food allergies are protected.  
Only store bought items will be permitted.