Our School

In the year 1621, Adam Thoroughgood of King's Lynn, England sailed to America as an indentured servant. He remained in the Cape Henry area and became one of the first permanent residents of the future Princess Anne County. After completing his three-year indenture in 1624, he went back to England where he married Sarah Offley. Thoroughgood returned to American with Sarah and began to acquire land lying west of what is now the Lynnhaven River. It was at this time that Thoroughgood named the Lynnhaven River for his homeland, King's Lynn. "Haven" also became part of its name and meant "a safe place".

The name "Lynnhaven" was also given to the village, which grew around the area where Tandom's Restaurant (now a WaWa) was located. It was appropriate to name the village after the Lynnhaven River since it extended to this area. The area has continued to be referred to as the Lynnhaven area. Lynnhaven Elementary received its name from Lynnhaven, the area in which it is located. The school is on a tract on the original Lee Farm, which was reserved by developer John Aragona for the construction of a hospital. Due to the rapid population growth, the site was used for construction of a school rather than a hospital. Haycox Construction Company, following plans by the architects Walter and Britt, built Lynnhaven Elementary School in 1963.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held on June 18, 2002 and Blueridge General, Inc., following plans by the architect HBA Architecture, Engineering & Interior Design, began modernization of the school on July 1, 2002. The cost of the renovation was $7.02 million. The new school was dedicated on November 9, 2004.