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Lion Cub Connection - Home Visits

Wednesday, September 1st from 5-7pm
More information coming soon...

Little Lion Look In

Thursday, September 2nd from 8am-2pm
As we welcome our students to school this year, we recognize that many of our students in PK-1st grades have never been inside a school. For some students, it is their first school experience and for other students, they learned virtually all last year. To give these students an opportunity to see the school, PK-1st grade students are invited to Lynnhaven Elementary on Thursday, September 2nd at the times below.
Parents will be asked to drop off their children in the loop by the flagpole at the designated start time and come back promptly at the end of the hour, park, and pick up their child at the side door to the cafeteria (far right side of the school). We look forward to an hour of fun for your children as they meet their teacher and learn a little more about Lynnhaven Elementary!

Mrs. Mongin - 8:00-9:00
Mrs. Fusilero - 8:30-9:30
TBD*- 9:00-10:00
*We are still working to hire the third PK teacher.

Mrs. Cope - 9:30-10:30
Mrs. Taylor-Woodson - 10:00-11:00
Ms. Blanton - 10:30-11:30
Ms. Meadows - 11:00-12:00

1st Grade
Mrs. Morton - 11:30-12:30
Mrs. Fernandez - 12:00-1:00
Mrs. Morse - 12:30-1:30
Mr. Hassell - 1:00-2:00

Welcome Mrs. Emmons!

We are excited to welcome Mrs. Anne Emmons as our new Assistant Principal to Lynnhaven.
Assistant Principal

School News!

News, Updates, and other important information will be sent thru our Seesaw Family app. If you are not linked to our school in Seesaw, please contact your student's teacher.